What is a Starseed?

What is a Starseed?

What is a Starseed? (Photo via Public Domain)

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is someone who believes their lineage originates from another planet outside of Earth.

Biological vs. Soul Lineage

Some Starseeds believe that humans (some or all) originated from another planet and/or star system. They believe that if they trace their ancestry back far enough there would eventually be a connection to an advanced extraterrestrial being.

Others believe their connection to galactic life outside of Earth comes via past lives. They believe in the reincarnation of the spirit and that they have experienced previous lives1, not all of which were human or Earth-based.

Starseed Traits

I can only say that conventional science has yet to find life outside of Earth so we can’t say, in scientific way, common traits that Starseeds share or whether there is even such thing. We can, however, begin to draw some comparisons between people who claim to be Starseeds. Here are a few traits commonly considered to be typical of Starseeds.

Emotional Traits

  • The sense or feeling that they are not from Earth or that they are foreigners here.
  • An intense interest in space, other planets or star systems. Their sense of identity may be tied to another planetary race.
  • A sensation of separateness or disconnection. The feeling of disconnection can include the sense they have been isolated from their star family or the sensation that they do not belong or fit in here on Earth.  Some Starseeds find it difficult to fit in, and question or feel uncomfortable with many commonplace social cues and customs.
  • Starseeds are typically empathetic and compassionate people.

Psychic Traits

  • Channeling: Directly downloading information from their “star family” through possession or direct thought to verbal communication.
  • Telepathy: The ability to connect psychically to non-Earth entities through thought.
  • Psychic empathy: There may not be a difference between “emotional empathy” and “psychic empathy” but I thought I’d list it here too.
  • Star Language: Some Starseeds can speak in languages that are unknown to human or write a written language using various symbols. Often written Starseed language comes via freestyle writing or automatic writing.

Physical Traits

Physical characteristics that are considered typical among many Starseeded people include:

  • tall, slim stature including noticeably long arms, legs and fingers
  • angular bone structure
  • large, bright or colorful eyes
  • Additionally, there are claims Starseeds are likely to have birthmarks or have blonde or red hues in their hair.

Some other Starseed traits may include intolerance for hot or cold temperatures, sensitivity to synthetic lighting, excellent hearing, immune system, and physical strength. 2

Alien Abduction

Some Starseeds claim to have had abduction or visitation experiences with alien beings but this is not an exclusive trait to all Starseeds. Reports of encounters vary by individual and range from peaceful to frightening.


Most Starseeds feel they are human/galactic hybrids in that they share lineage (biological or spiritual) with both interstellar and Earth-based families. In fact, hybridization is almost essential in the definition of a Starseed. If a person believed they were not human at all, they would essentially be extraterrestrial. Some people feel they are very closely related to their star families and others feel the connection is through distant ancestry. How one feels they are connected may be related to how well they feel they fit into society (how alienated they feel, if you’ll excuse the pun.)

Origins of a Starseed

There are several star systems and intergalactic races that are commonly referenced by Starseeded individuals. The following are the most commonly identified. 3

  • Andromeda System
  • Arcturians
  • Orion (or the Orion Council)
  • Pleiadeans
  • Sirins

Public Starseeds

There are a number of Starseeds stepping out into public view. Here are a few YouTube Channels and book resources for those looking to connect to other self-proclaimed Starseeds.


Antonio Qorri

Brad Johnson

Charis Melina Brown

Krista Raisa


Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts (A channeled being, may or may not be of star origin)

Journal of a Starseed  and Instruction of a Starseed by Charis Brown Malloy (See Charis Melina Brown above)

 Personal Thoughts

I basically keep an open mind when it comes to Starseeds. I have don’t have any proof whether we are or are not related to extraterrestrial beings and I don’t care to seek to prove or disprove it. I do believe without a doubt that we are not alone in the universe, based entirely on probability. Based on science, t’s statistically impossible that we are alone. Regarding myself, I feel that I am very connected to the Earth. If it turned out I am Starseeded, I would suspect it is through fairly distant ancestry or perhaps to a lineage that is more human-like. I have had people tell me they believe they have extraterrestrial ancestry and I have one close friend in particular who has strong sense of star-based ancestry. I give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who tells me they are Starseeded.



1 I say previous lives but some believe that time is not linear or that there are multiple realities happening simultaneously.

2 From The Starseed Experience.

3 Visit In5D for an excellent in-depth analysis.

Last Updated: April 2015

One response to “What is a Starseed?

  1. That was an amazing read over. I’m sorry if you happen to get a ton of the same questions and statements. I was just wondering if you can point me in the right direction of what to do, now that my conscious is slowly waking up.
    I’m not necessary surrounded by people who would fully understand and going through all of this information.. Well, all and all, I’m honestly confused and I found this to be so helpful. Again, I’m sorry if you’re loaded with these questions.
    Reply at anytime and again, awesome read. Truly enlightening.


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