Witchcraft and the Catholic Church | Is Exorcising a Nation Ethical?

Exorcism of a Witch

Witch being exorcised in 1598 wood carving. Image via Wikipedia Commons, free media repository.

Most witches agree there are ethics involved when performing magic that affects another person specifically; whether it be a spell cast on another’s behalf or one that may affect them indirectly. The most common example given is a love spell to attract a specific person. A love spell to attract a compatible mate is one thing but one to attract John Smith from the Accounting Department would most surely be a no-no. After all, John Smith has every right to control his own love-life without foreign energies influencing his fate. Most witches stay clear of anything that may challenge another’s free will. To violate this cardinal rule would be considered black magic by many or at least falling squarely in the dark gray area.

This is why I found myself pretty uncomfortable with the recent article put out by the National Catholic Register titled, Does the US Need a Nationwide Exorcism? Apparently, last May Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara performed an exorcism on the entire country of Mexico along with the help of other priests from all over the country. To be clear, this was not a general blessing or even a call to remove negative energy, but rather was targeted to specifically to “drive away evil responsible for skyrocketing violence, abortion and drugs” specifically and to “bring awareness that there is such a thing as sin influenced by Satan,” according to Msgr. John Esseff. He cited that “The devil has much to do with [influencing people in] breaking the law of God.”

Now I’ve never met a witch that wanted more violence, abortions or drugs. Of course, we’d like to see everyone spiritually elevated (enlightened or subconsciously expanded…whatever terminology resonates with you) so that we have less of these negative aspects in society. At first glance, one could argue that this is not a direct violation of free will because the exorcism could be conducted so that it affects “evil influences” AKA negative energy that keeps us from being the best we can be. Plenty of witches, me included, do spells to manipulate planetary energy to favor positive influences. But here’s where it gets dicey. According to the article, Msgr. Esseff explained that, should the exorcism be performed in the US, each diocese would  call “on the power of Jesus over every court, every single institution, every individual and every family.” He concluded in saying, “The whole country would have such power if bishops would exorcise their dioceses.”

Woah baby! Now in fairness, it’s a safe assumption that “exorcising their diocese” likely means they are targeting only individual members of the Catholic Church within that diocese. Non-catholics would not be included in the exorcism (maybe); still it is a big assumption that all Catholics would want to be the subject of an exorcism, particularly one that will be kept secret from them. Father Gary Thomas of Saratoga, CA is worried about community backlash should they decide to go forward with it, “I’m not saying it’s a bad idea—just that, if it’s done, it should be done quietly,” he said.

Father Thomas went on to name witchcraft and New Age concepts specifically as the reason portals of evil have opened up in our country, citing that they are keeping people from God. Ouch, hurting words for this New Age Witch, former Catholic and follower of the core messages shared by Jesus.

Magic Vs. Blessings

I personally believe there is a difference between performing magic and asking for a blessing. Magic is action-based; a direct manipulation of energies to create a desired effect. A blessing or prayer if you like, is a request…a lobbying for the best to come of any given situation. If the Catholic Church announced they were going to perform a nationwide blessing, nobody would think twice. Most of us welcome blessings as their energy can be shaped and molded for each individual to help them achieve their highest good. In other words, they’re generic.

How do you feel about the possibility that the US diocese will or possibly already has, performed an exorcism on the country? Do you feel exorcisms are a form of magic? Are Catholics held to the same standard of ethics that most witches follow or are they exempt simply because they don’t believe in this caveat?

Share your thoughts in the comments. ∞


One response to “Witchcraft and the Catholic Church | Is Exorcising a Nation Ethical?

  1. Honestly, I could care less if they do it, have done it, or plan to do it. As far as I’m concerned I would have to actually believe in the Christian god’s existence to be worried if it would have an effect on me. For the record, I don’t believe in Abrahamic religions.


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