Bedroom Feng Shui | Stuck Energy Under the Bed

Bedroom Feng Shui - Under the Bed

Bedroom Feng Shui image by Mazzali via Creative Commons.

I was living in a small apartment when I first heard that storing items under your bed was bad Feng Shui. Real estate is at a premium when living in the city so this news was nothing short of sacrilege. Ultimately, I decided the blocked energy from my under-bed storage would be less obvious than having my shoes strewn about my bedroom.   This was one (of several) Feng Shui rules I’d go on to ignore.

Fast forward. My fiancé (at the time) and I bought a house in the burbs in ‘09 and as we set up our storage solutions I remembered that keeping the underside of your bed clear was beneficial to balance the energy in our bedroom. My husband is a super-neat Virgo so that’s not an issue for him. At first, it wasn’t for me either, but as my closet expanded I found myself eyeing that primo real estate under the bed again.

I ended up buying two flat storage bins which I now use for my “off season” clothes. (Living in Southern California that pretty much means my snow gear used for occasional jaunts to the mountains).  Having the bins under there didn’t initially affect the energy but over time a sense of frustration over this part of my house had begun to build. I replaced the mattress and painted the headwall three times. Still, something wasn’t quite right. I added a few crystals to my nightstand. Better, but energetically not balanced.

Last night I got on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. OH THE HORROR! The bins were coated in dust, not to mention I could have weaved a new cat from the baseball-sized dust bunnies that were wedged between the bins and the headwall. Gross! The inside of the bins were a mess too. I guess after digging through them a few times, they got pretty unorganized. I’m definitely thinking the blocked energy in this area is due to ignoring the underside of my bed.

I picked out the dust kittens and tonight will give the entire underside of my bed a good wash, including the hardwood floor.

I don’t think storage is the issue when it comes to energy manipulation here.  I believe the problem is neglect and chaos. If you create chaos under your bed, that energy though subtle, filters into your room and you get the sense that something is off.

By keeping the space under your bed clean, you can also utilize it as a conduit for ritual magick (if that’s your bag baby.) I often put scented satchels of lavender or fennel under my pillow, but the space under my bed is ripe for all kinds of other creative ritual uses. I could utilize it for dream spells, sex or love spells, health and home rituals or to facilitate an OBE. The most well-known under-bed superstition of course, is to aid laboring mothers. It’s believed that keeping a knife under the bed while a mother is in labor helps to cut the pain. Something I’ll keep in mind as I slowly march on in my current pregnancy.

What’s happening under your bed? Ever use it in spell work or as an avenue to improve your home’s Feng Shui? Share in the comments. ∞


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