Change Is A Brewin’

Well, it’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks. I wrote a post in March about totem animals, archetypes and symbology (I’m Going Batty) in an attempt to get a little insight as to what may be coming down the river. The best I could tell was that change was a brewin’. Indeed it was because on Mother’s Day I got a positive pregnancy test. Wowsers!

It was planned-ish but regardless takes a few weeks for the shock to set in; hence my recent absence. Back in January I wrote a manifestation list for the year. A simple list of things I wanted to accomplish. It was a two column list with the months of year down one column and items I wanted to manifest down the other. The list is sitting on my bookshelf at home and I’m rather interested to find out where in the year I hoped to manifest this pregnancy. If all goes well (puttin’ the good vibes out there) we’ll be welcoming the newest member of our family in January. Likely a Capricorn or possibly an Aquarius. Two signs I know very little about.

We have a 2 year old now. We tried for 15 months before we got pregnant with her. This one surprised me some with how quickly it happened, but we’re excited and beginning our mental prep.

This pregnancy is already proving to be very different from the last. With my daughter, I didn’t have a symptom until some time in the 2nd trimester. I’m only 7 weeks along now (haven’t even had my first doctor’s visit) and I’m already having a slew of symptoms from severe bloating and constipation (TMI, sorry) to a constant low level quease. I have dry mouth most of the time but on the flip side, my nails are growing fast. Maybe I’ll wear them long this summer.

I’m sure this pregnancy will provide lots of new spiritual insights, and opportunities for contemplation and magick.

I have other things to update you all on too including the protest I participated in for the March Against Monsanto. I’ll save that for another post.


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