Lying | A Roadblock To Manifestion

Speak the Truth

Speak the Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes by DullHunk via Creative Commons.

When we lie or even speak against our personal truth (go along with something we don’t agree with), we send a vibe out to the universe that our words do not carry weight; that our intentions are ambiguous. If you believe at all in the law of attraction, manifestation, or if you work magic this matters a whole lot. Living truthfully and speaking truthfully consistently aligns your personal energy with the energy of truth so that when you set an intention for manifestation purposes, you are already in the rhythm to create what is desired. You have already put the wheels in motion in your favor.

Speaking the Truth.

When we talk about telling a lie, we are usually referring to the act of verbalizing false information either orally or through the written word. Magic is often performed in the same way, through the use of words, written or spoken, or at least formulated into a concise thought (rather than an abstract generalization.) Because of this close connection, I believe it’s especially important that we are honest in our exchanges. Of course, honest does not mean disrespectful or hurtful, but rather we should speak in a way that honors both the truth and those people whom we are speaking with.

Living the Truth.

Living the truth can be a little more complex. It’s not unusual to find ourselves at one time or another uncomfortable with a situation. The examples are endless. You may feel conflicted about a job, a partner or friend, or perhaps you are struggling with an inner conflict like how you define yourself or your beliefs. Experiencing strife is part of life and is critical to your soul journey. Sticking out a shitty job doesn’t necessarily compromise your ability to manifest (though I suppose it could), neither does choosing to keep quiet about a disagreement with your partner. Living these scenarios is not the problem. The problem is lying about them, even if that lie is to yourself.


Take the time to consider how you feel about any given situation, especially ones that are unpleasant or those you’d like to see changed. Even if that lousy job is all you see in your foreseeable future, take the time you need to consider how you feel about. Be honest with yourself and take the time to sit with your feelings about it. This is honesty. This is truthfulness.

Taking this personal time to self-analyze often sets in motion an opportunity to manifest what you truly do want. It’s the first step in identifying change and if you are always true to yourself the Universe just may receive your message clearly. ∞


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