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Amber (not technically a mineral or crystal since it has organic origins) is supposed to be super-duper expensive, right? So why all this cheap stuffs on the market?

Well, that cheap stuffs is most likely plastic or copal, pronounced “coh-PAHL”. Copal is often sold as “amber”, but it’s not. True amber is the fossilized (40-60 million years old), hardened resin from a now extinct pine tree.

Why is amber so expensive?

Well that, my sweets, depends on several things: how rare it is, its age, color, and whether it has any included insects (remember that mosquito in amber from Jurassic Park that they got the dino DNA from? This is totally impossible, by the way . . .).

The value of amber is related to its scarcity, age, inclusions of extinct species & durability.

Copal, on the other hand, is hardened immature recent resin (only 1000 – 1…

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