Why I’m Changing My Political Party Affiliation This Earth Day

Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts by Renee Silverman via Creative Commons v.2.0.

I’ll be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow by changing my political party affiliation from Democrat to Green Party. I’ve been warming up to this for a while and thought Earth Day would be nicely symbolic. Even though I joke about being so liberal the Democrats won’t have me, in truth, I feel like I’m representative of the average American. (Not the Average American WordPress blogger though, they are much more polarized as a whole.)

Throwing Away Your Vote.

Although my views are pretty well aligned with the Green Party, I’ve hesitated to vote Green because of fears that I’d be throwing away my vote. Of course, come 2016, the election for POTUS will go to either a Democrat or a Republican with statistically no chance of anyone else being voted in. So in a way my fear is justified, assuming I vote Green when the opportunity arises. It took me until recently to realize, however, that my vote actually DOES count. By changing my party affiliation, I’m voting for complete systematical reform of the status quo. I’m saying that our government isn’t working any more. We can do better. I’m voting for change.

In my opinion, The Democratic Party isn’t even especially liberal; actually it’s just a different flavor of conservative. On the spectrum of possibility, the two options presented to us are so similar that, unless you look for certain key words, it’s practically impossible to tell them apart. It’s not that they don’t want to differentiate, it’s that they are both equally controlled by corruption of the system…they are puppeted by corporate greed.  At the end of the day, our two-party system does not answer to the people. They answer to corporations—and they have to because that’s who got them there in the first place.

You Must Really Loathe Conservatives.

Nah. I’m a liberal, New-Age eclectic, spiritualist. I don’t hate anyone. It’s not in my nature. Everyone is trying to do the right thing. I won’t even say that the conservative view is wrong. (Disclaimer, I do hold some traditionally conservative views on some issues.)  In fact, I have a long and involved spiritual theory on why it’s not wrong but I won’t get into that now. All I know is, when faced with an issue, I let my conscience tell me where I need to be. I follow it up with a quick ego check and try to take a position of compassion and love and hopefully not one that is purely self-serving.   I don’t have any loyalties to the Green Party. My loyalty is to my own moral code. It just so happens, after researching the issues, the Green Party is best aligned with my stance on most issues. If that changes, my vote will too.

No one Can Do Everything but Everyone Can Do Something.

Personally, I would like to see more people rise up and vote for a new system particularly if they feel the current system isn’t serving them. I don’t care if you align with the Green Party of the Tea Party. If you feel passionately that we need change and have a vision of a better future for our country…for our children, I encourage you to vote with your allegiance to the most important issue we’re facing right now in the United States. Vote for representation.


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