Turquoise, The Fallen Sky Stone

When I got to work this morning, I realized I was dressed as my grandmother. It started a week ago when I was browsing Etsy for Native American-inspired jewelry. I fell in love with some turquoise cuff bracelets and spent a half hour window shopping. They were pretty expensive and I wasn’t particularly serious about my search so I closed my laptop without making a purchase.
Fred Harvey-style Navajo Cuff Bracelets

Fred Harvey-style Navajo Cuff Bracelets I found in my nana’s jewelry box the day after I went shopping for one. Fun with psychic phenomena!

When I woke the next morning I still had images of those pretty silver cuffs adorned with eagles and arrowheads. I decided to dig into my grandmother’s jewelry box, which my uncle had mailed to me after she transitioned. To my surprise (it shouldn’t surprise me really, I always joke about how I’m a master manifester) sitting in her old cigar box was a Fred Harvey style Navajo cuff bracelet with a turquoise oval set in the center. Exactly the type of piece I was searching for the night before.

I wore it all week.
Yesterday as I walked through my office park I caught a faded reflection of myself in an office window. I immediately got a flash of my nana. Trendy glasses, tapered pastel slacks and Keds. I wasn’t just wearing her style, I was wearing her uniform. I smiled as I thought how she would have loved my outfit.
Then this morning when I woke I went back into her jewelry box to look for a necklace. What I found was a second turquoise and silver cuff bracelet, very similar to the first except with different adornments. I also found a heavy silver pendant with two doves. The back read “peace on earth 1972”. I don’t remember her wearing any of these pieces specifically. I lived with her until I was 10 so there’s a good chance I have seen them before.
I got dressed and went to the office. It wasn’t until I got to work that I realized I was also wearing her camisol. My mom thought it was pretty and gave it me when she was cleaning out nana’s things. I’m not sure why it is that I’m channeling my grandmother this week but it’s nice to feel close to her. In a way, I feel even closer seeing how our style is so similar, not to mention it’s sort of cool when you realize how stylish your grandma is…was.
It’s really no wonder I came across her things through some combination of manifestation and psychometry. It’s possible that finding her jewelry was not the result of a manifestation. Maybe she wanted me to find it and put the idea of it in my head the night I sat down to surf the web.  
Turquoise is a stone of joy and good fortune considered sacred to some Native American groups—people who revere their ancestral connections. What I appreciate most about finding my grandmother’s turquoise is that, just hours before, I ordered a DNA kit from Ancestry.com. I’m curious about my ethnic heritage as I don’t have any biological family history of my own. Nana’s gift is a beautiful reminder that family is more than blood (or in this case, test tube saliva); perhaps it even validates my belief that we choose our family as a catalyst for spiritual growth before we are reborn on Earth. If we choose our families before we are born, then it does not matter how of if we are related biologically. It’s our relationship on a soul level that matters. ∞

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