The Consciousness Filter

Realms of Inner Thoughts by AGSAndrew CC v.3.0

Realms of Inner Thoughts by agsandrew via Creative Commons v.3.0

The entire universe exists within our consciousness but does it exist outside of us? Everything we perceive (and can ever perceive) must first run through the filter of our mind, through our senses. Because we have no way of standing outside our own consciousness, we can never really know the truth of what is outside of us. Are our experiences real? Does matter even exist? Even if we die, rise up and go to heaven, meet God and learn the all secrets to life the Universe and everything, that information is still filtering through our consciousness, which presumably continues after the death of our body. Even death cannot promise answers.

Perhaps reality is very different from what we perceive. Physical matter may not exist at all but rather is our mind’s attempt to organize our existence into neat little pieces. Humanity may exist as just one organism acting as individual cells—many parts of a whole. There could be millions or billions of other organisms each made up of billions of minds. Each of us, with our experiences, our differences, our stories exists as part of a single collective; one consciousness with many nuances. Then that which harms one harms all of us. That which lifts up one, lifts up all.

On the other hand, it is possible that we exist as separate conscious beings.  That is, after all, how we most commonly perceive ourselves—sovereign minds. If that is the case, then each of us may be living a truly unique experience. Possibly much more unique than we believe it to me in this paradigm that we currently accept. (The paradigm I experience through my consciousness.) Each of us is perceiving the world around us through the filter of our minds. If that is so, then we can hardly blame others for views that differ from our own. Their experiences are completely unique to them and their perceptions are based on a filter that we, as separate individuals, can never understand.

It’s true then, that the soil under our feet may not be real, the sky over our heads—imagined, the people, places, material objects in our life may be complete figments of our imagination. The only thing that is real, for sure, is our awareness and thus our behavior. Our reaction to the hologram around us is all we can control. It’s our response that matters. If we proceed this way, then even if the universe exists as we perceive it to, then it will be the better for it so long as we act out of love. ∞


5 responses to “The Consciousness Filter

  1. You write: “The only thing that is real, for sure, is our awareness and thus our behavior”. If, as you write, that everything is unreal or at least not as we perceive, then how is awareness or consciousness “real” (for sure)? Could we, with our limited understanding, not be mistaken about that too? Or, perhaps our mistaken concepts of consciousness is the very cause of our misperceiving everything?


    • This may be beyond my intellectual capability (or at least it is before my first cup of coffee) but I’ll give it a shot. Our consciousness is the means by which we perceive the universe around us. The universe may or may not be as we perceive it but our consciousness is real in that thought exists whether or not we interpret it correctly. Now if consciousness is not what we think it to be then there is some other force at play that is giving us the experience of thought without it actually being thought. I’m not even sure that’s possible as thought is not a tangible thing. Or maybe it is a tangible thing and I just haven’t had the chance to prove it. Oh my brain hurts for sure.


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