Remember that Time I did a Spell and Tripped on an Animal Head…Good Times

Witch's Outdoor Garden Altar

The rabbit skull was just there without my knowing until I stepped on it while closing my circle. I moved it off to the side to take this photo.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit of an armchair occultist. I enjoy philosophical and intellectual side of ritual magic and occultism but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to practicing or worshiping deity in any way that goes beyond a quick prayer or setting an intention in meditation. “Doing the work” hasn’t really been a priority for me. I’m not even sure why I’m taking more of an interest now except that I’d like to get more inspiration directly from source rather than through the work others have done.

I’ve been picking up my tarot once or twice a week for the last few weeks and this weekend I actually set up my altar and performed a quicky ritual in a spare 10 minutes I found.

I set up an altar outside in my garden using a flagstone the previous owners had left behind, some of my toddler’s chalk, a solar powered LED orb light, a sprig of lavender from my garden, a few crystals I collected and some salt water. I like to mix my modalities so I structured my ritual using pagan themes but focused the goal on a new age concept to ease the shift into the new paradigm of spiritual awakening (not just for myself but for those who have opened themselves up to assistance); a transition into the Age of Aquarius.

I was closing my circle and wouldn’t you know it, I stepped on a skull. Nope, that’s not a metaphor for something. I stepped on a literal freaking skull! It hurt too. I looked down to find an animal skull was layout just outside my alter space…maybe 18 inches from the flagstone itself. Don’t ask me how I didn’t notice it during my spell cast. My altar is on a pile of bark mulch so there is a lot of texture there I guess. The moment I acknowledged that I had indeed stepped on a rabbit head my foot began tingling pins and needles. If you work with energy, imagine the most intense concentration of energy surging up through the chakra in your foot. I don’t know if this was spiritual energy or “ew-yuck-icky-gross, I just stepped on an animal carcass” energy. Either way.

I will tell you, if you want a holy shit moment, try stepping barefoot on a dead animal while performing witchcraft. The divine Goddess herself could have appeared before me and I wouldn’t have been as surprised.

The gross out factor was diminished some because the rabbit skull was fairly old and really there was no meat left (thank God). I completed my ritual and used the leftover water as a blessing on my house. When I went back inside and put my foot down (the “skull foot”) I immediately felt a sharp prick. Upon inspection, there was a splinter sticking out of the middle of my arch. I plucked it out and then had to wonder what the heck all this drama was about.

There has been a lot of spirit animal stuff lately. The dead rabbit made me think on it more. That morning I stood quietly next to the door that faces my altar and watched a small juvenile bunny eating. He’s been visiting my yard often along with another full-sized rabbit. It occurred to me that rabbits have been quite prevalent, in a literal sense, recently and with Easter/Ostara right around the corner I have to consider this as a symbol of birth, fertility, the beginning of a new cycle. Last week I wrote about all the bats I’ve been seeing. One of my readers kindly shared that bats are an archetype for change. Birth and Change are certainly two sides of the same coin. I suppose for now, I’ll have to watch and wait. Of course, if you have any theories, I’m all ears (pun intended.) ∞

Rabbit Skull by Corvus Black, All Rights Reserved

Rabbit Skull by Corvus Black, All Rights Reserved


2 responses to “Remember that Time I did a Spell and Tripped on an Animal Head…Good Times

  1. Hello Corvus. I am a relatively a new follower of your blog. I read about the bats and now about the rabbit. I am a rabbit person in the Chinese calendar. A predator of the rabbit looks for its movement. When it’s spotted, it’s time for maneuvering. When in doubt, do nothing. I think that rabbit was showing you that you have a quick and agile mind and for a short period new opportunities in the artistic field will show up. Move in balance. Love that you received an answer to your ritual so quickly by rabbit.

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