Past Lives & Kindred Spirits

I’ve mentioned before that I believe in reincarnation. I believe we live many lifetimes in order to gain wisdom and to grow as a spirit being. I believe we work through karmas as we expand spiritually and often relive challenges that we are unable to navigate until we gain the knowledge we’re supposed to. With that comes a belief in past lives. I honestly don’t put a ton of thought into past lives, I’ve never done a past life regression, but occasionally I’ll consider the subject.

Kindred Spirits

In our lifetime we have some relationships that carry considerable weight. Those may be our relationship with our parents, lovers, children, best friend, sibling, etc. Others have explained to me that some souls we’ve known over many lifetimes. Our son in one lifetime may have been our mother in another. Our best friend in this lifetime may have been our wife in the past. These important relationships may have been grounded firmly in love or they may have been tumultuous. Some may have evolved as our souls worked through karma together.

The Souls that Take you By Surprise

I didn’t have my first child until I was 34 years old. Before my daughter was born I wondered if a soul would pick me, and if so, what their soul’s purpose would be for this lifetime. What is my role in preparing this specific individual for their place in this world? My daughter is only 2 years old but already, her being here, has rocked my world. There is no catalyst for spiritual growth more potent than becoming a parent. I understand the pure pleasure of sacrifice in a way I never did before. In fact, there should be a different word to describe a mother’s willingness, no, desire to sacrifice for her child. Sacrifice suggests there is some sort of loss. There is no sense of loss when it comes to her. I would gladly and completely give everything I had for her without question or hesitation. The strange thing is, instead of feeling vulnerable, I feel free.

The thing that surprised me most is that it took me 34 years to meet this soul who is so very important to my own. Of course, hers is not the only one. I have a close spiritual connection with my husband, and before him, my best friend, and before her, my mother. But my daughter is so important to me; it amazes me that she had been hanging out on the other side while I’ve lived my entire life.

The Souls Yet to Come

I have no idea what the future will bring, but hopefully I’m not yet at the halfway point of my life. If that’s the case, I could potentially meet many more souls that are dear to my own; that haven’t yet made themselves known to me in this carnation. How amazing is that? We could have another child, or we may meet new friends, dear friends whose souls our hearts have known before. A spirit that may have been my everything in a past life, may not even yet be known to me in this this one—or may not make themselves known to me in this one at all. How crazy is that?

I wonder how it all works. How many people have we known in spirit before? Who are we meeting for the first time that may be with us for many lifetimes to come?

Honoring the Light

“If we have no peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
-Mother Theresa

My first yoga teacher taught me that “Namaste” cannot be directly translated from Sanscrit to English, but roughly means, “the light in me recognizes and honors the light within you.” She taught me to always say it with reverence, considering its meaning whenever spoken. It struck me as profound and I wish we used this greeting in America. Imagine if every time we greeted someone, we took a second to consider that they are this perfect soul, navigating the universe, no more or less important than we are. Imagine that anyone you meet may have been our father, or sister, or best friend in a past life or they may be our spouse or child in a future one. If we all thought this way, peace would be the only path. ∞



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