Multi-sensory Meditation | Using ALL 5 Senses in your Visualizations

Meditation - Into the Mystic by Ian Burt via Creative Commons v.2.0

Meditation – Into the Mystic by Ian Burt via Creative Commons v.2.0

Whether I’m meditating or practicing visualization techniques for manifestation rituals, I find that multi-sensory visualization is a great way to add a little oomph to my practice. The basics of visualization (obviously) is to think of a person, place, thing or concept and picture what it looks like in your mind. If someone asked you to visualize a beach, a picture of a beach would pop into your head. You already have an idea of what a beach looks like. You can imagine the water and the sand.

People accustomed to meditation often imagine sounds in their visualizations as well. It wouldn’t be unusual, when imagining a beach scene, to also imagine the sound of the waves lapping against the shore and call of the sea gulls in the distance.

And for most people, that’s where visualization ends. We often forget there are three more physical senses that can significantly enhance our visualization experience—smell, touch, and taste.


No matter what you’re visualizing, consider all the senses for a moment. Let’s go back to our beach scene. What does it smell like? Can you recall the fragrance of salty sea air mixed with the pungent odor of seaweed drying in the sun? Fragrance can be applied to other scenes as well. Perhaps your visualizing a person. Does that person have a fragrance of their own? No? Perhaps they enjoy cooking, or fixing old cars? What sort of smells may apply to that subject, if not to the specific scene you are imagining.


Our skin is our largest organ. When visualizing our beach scene, what do you feel? Is the breeze tickling the hairs on your arms? What does the sun feel like on a warm day? What are you wearing in your visualization? Can you feel the elastic band of a bathing suit snug against your waist? Can you imagine the way sand feels as you dig in your toes? Is it warm and dry on the surface and cool and damp and you dig your feet in? What about the water. Can you imagine the tingle in your feet when you dip them into very cold water?

Maybe the subject of your visualization is abstract. Perhaps you have an illness and you’re imagining your body healing from the inside. What might that feel like? Is it warm or cool? Does it tickle? Perhaps, in your mind, healing is a soft ache. There is no wrong answer, just go with whatever comes to you.


Taste can be tricky. What does the beach taste like? Perhaps there is sea spray drizzling across your face. Lick your lips. Can you taste the salt? If your visualization does’t have specific taste associated with it, you can assign one. Perpaps you are trying to visualize joy. What does joy taste like? For me it might taste like oranges or cotton candy. Are you visualizing healing? What does healing taste like to you? Is it crisp like celery? Does it taste like cold mountain water?

As you visualize, take a moment to consider all the senses. Enhance your experience through all the senses for the greatest impact. ∞


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