The Nurturing Warmth of the Dark Night

As a woman, mother, and daughter of the Earth, this resonated with me. What a beautiful thing to consider the darkness as a vehicle for coming into the light.

a wild whisper

I am a forest and a night of dark trees;

but she who is not afraid of my darkness

will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

darkandlightAll life begins in the dark.

My currently round belly is a constant reminder of this.

Our most accelerated and essential growth took place in the warm, dark wombs of our mothers.

Seeds are planted into dark, moist soil before they emerge into the sun’s rays.

Tree’s roots run deep into dark places of the Earth.

Without darkness we would not exist.

Without darkness we would have no food for nourishment.

And even the water that quenches our thirst is often drawn from a dark well.

So why are so many fearful of the dark?

Why are we often told that the dark and the light are ancient rivals?

Our Earth through the handiwork of it’s divine Creator shows us…

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