Kick Off those High Heels and Restore your Sacral Chakra

I have tried to write this post three times and I keep getting into heavy heavy shit. All I’m really trying to do is share a simple and easy way for women to bring the energies in their sacral chakra (the 2nd chakra) into balance. I’m going to keep this short and sweet or else risk going into another diatribe about the role of patriarchal religious and political institutions in the suppression of the feminine aspect. (Nope, not gonna do it today.)

Here it is.
Many of us women incorporate good posture and breathing techniques into our yoga and meditation practices but then jump into a pair of (albeit beautifully sexy) high heels and run off to work or play. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels as much as the next gal. They’re like jewels for your feet, but it wasn’t until I blew a disk in my back and stopped wearing them that I realized how different my body behaved once they were gone.

High heels tilt your pelvis causing your bootie and chest to stick out to compensate for the change in posture. Doing so can also shift your chi, or natural energy flow through the sacral chakra [Svadhishthana], the energy center that is defined by pleasure and corresponds to our reproductive system and our sexuality in both the emotional and physical context.

It also results in a sort of stiffness in our walk instead of the rolling fluidity that comes naturally to women. Runway models have adopted this ridiculous, overemphasized gate where they lift their feet unnaturally high before stepping back down again. I guess this is supposed to give them an air of confidence and allow us to see some feminine sway in the hips. In actuality, it’s a distraction. Women’s hips don’t actually sway, they roll in a figure-eight.

Imagine a figure-eight inside your body (running parallel to the floor). When you walk, your body traces that figure-eight pattern, which by the way is also the symbol for infinity, and the logo for this blog. As your right leg glides forward your hip draws one lobe of the shape and as your left hip moves forward and then back again, the second lobe is drawn. Directly at the center, the apex of the figure-eight is your sacral chakra.

As part of your mindfulness practice, try walking in flats (or better yet barefoot if you really want a sensory experience) and notice how your hips roll? Every woman is different, it may be subtle or the movement may be generous. It may change with your moods and your desires. Think sexy thoughts and you may really see a difference. Remember, the 2nd chakra isn’t just about sex. It’s the most earth-centered chakra (something that may resonate with my Pagan readers and Light-workers) and is the energy center for joy, creativity and relationships. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, those are three areas I want to be as healthy and high-functioning as possible.∞

A Few Common Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Blockages

  • Control Issues: either in taking control or relinquishing control. Compulsive behavior.
  • Creative Blockages
  • Addiction: Substances, sexual, shopping, gambling, unhealthy attachments.
  • Drama Queen Syndrome:
  • Back and Spine Issues
  • Reproductive Issues: All sorts
  • Bladder Problems

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