Victim Blaming and the New Age Movement | Thoughts on the Albany Rose Video

The other day I posted a video featuring a young woman, Albany Rose, and her husband speaking out against the New Age Movement. The woman had tragically been molested as a girl and later, habitually raped and physically abused by a romantic partner. She describes herself as being involved in New Age philosophy through her dad and friends over the course of seven years. When she turned to them for guidance in processing her abuse, they let her down. Her takeaway was that there are no victims in life. Everything we experience in our lives (good and bad) is a choice. She learned that bad things happen to us because we chose them as souls before we were born; setting us on a course of fate that cannot be derailed.

As I listened to her story I had a lot of thoughts and emotions pop up. For one, I agreed with much of the philosophy she heard, but unlike her, I find it tremendously comforting. Albany, a victim of violence, is vehemently opposed to the concept that we would consciously choose a path that is wrought with difficulty or suffering.

[The New Age Movement] What I Believe

I agree that as souls we pick our parents. I believe we choose a general path that leads us down a road of possible experiences. I believe we experience many lifetimes, each giving us many opportunities to for soul expansion (sometimes called soul ascension), which is just a fancy New Age term for gaining wisdom on a soul level . I believe, at the end of our lifetime, we go through a sort of “download” or “life review.” In Christianity (how I was raised), we arrive at the pearly gates of heaven and are judged. My belief isn’t all that different except I don’t think the consequences of our life’s decisions ends in eternity in heaven or hell, but rather an opportunity to either experience new soul-growth opportunities or repeat lessons (karmas) that we struggled with in previous lifetimes. I also believe that some lifetimes are generally easier or more difficult than others. Sometimes we get a little “life vacation” where we don’t have to worry about simply surviving and are afforded the opportunity to explore thoughts and emotions in relative safety.

While we are living here on this plane, in our physical bodies, we are pretty limited. When we are born, our conscious awareness of our past lives and experiences is severed. We aren’t as aware of our connection to each other and to the Universe (God, Source, etc.). This allows us to focus on the objectives of this lifetime and to act and react based on our experiences without all the extraneous information from the Universal Consciousness flooding our being. It’s hard to concentrate on the radio when the TV is on, someone is talking to us and we’re reading a book at the same time.

I believe that as souls and as people, we are not defined by the bad things that happen to us. Albany does not have to be defined by her rape. She IS NOT her rape. That’s not to say, however, that these horrific experiences do not affect who she is. Her experiences have made her uniquely qualified to have and share her opinion with the world. If this hadn’t happened to her, I wouldn’t be here writing an existential narrative and contemplating my own purpose as it relates to hers.

What I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe that everything is fated. I don’t believe much is fated for that matter.  Albany and her husband talk about, what they feel, to be hypocrisies in the New Age Movement—that the philosophy teaches both free will and destiny. I believe there are many paths, maybe an infinite number. I believe it’s in our free will—in our choices that the work gets done. Our soul growth doesn’t happen when we are hurt. It happens in the moment we make the choice how to react to that hurt. I think Christ would agree.  It comes down to choosing fear, or choosing love. I don’t want to confuse fear and love with right and wrong. Choosing fear is not wrong. It is a necessary part of our path. It’s what we do in order to become better so that we can choose love next time. That’s why, I believe, we get so many lifetimes…so many chances…so many opportunities to live out our karma.

Defining All New Agers

I felt a lot of frustration watching this video due to the labeling of New Agers. The thing about defining the New Age Movement is that it’s incredibly difficult to define. In many ways, it’s defined not by what one believes in, but rather, what one doesn’t believe. It’s partly a definition through exclusion. Albany says New Agers believe, “we are all gods and goddesses. They believe in one soul. We are all energy. We are all combined. There is a higher power, a God, but we are all connected to it. We are also gods.” New Age is a self-attributed label. I’ve spoken a lot about what I believe in this post, but in no way can I say that this is what other New Agers believe. Some believe in one all-knowing God, while others believe we are all gods and goddesses. Others believe only in energy without association to God at all. As you can see from this post, some New Agers believe there are no consequences for our actions. As Albany’s husband says, “[The New Age Movement] thrives on no consequences, do what you want. No guidelines. It’s what YOU feel. If it feels ok for her ex-boyfriend to beat the hell out of her, that’s ok. It’s his truth.” I, on the other hand, believe in karma. I believe there will be consequences for his actions. I just don’t believe those consequences will mean he’ll burn for an eternity in hell.

There is so much more I can say regarding this video, but I’m going to stop here. If I go on too long no one will bother to read it. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting themes discussed in this video again. There is a boatload of delicious new-agey topics to discuss. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.∞


4 responses to “Victim Blaming and the New Age Movement | Thoughts on the Albany Rose Video

  1. I agree that any philosophy can be skewed to justify a person’s actions, rather than to change their actions for the better if they allow it. I don’t think that the New Age movement is any more prone to that than any other. I’ve had members of political philosophies tell me the same thing, “There are no victims, only people who won’t take responsibility for their own lives.” While it’s true that anything that happens to you is heavily influenced by your personal choices, other people have their free will to affect your life too.

    I’m sad to hear about this – I don’t want to watch the video because I need to screen out that kind of negativity right now. I’m always sad when I see people overgeneralizing about a particular belief or philosophy.

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  2. Here’s the deal, during the stages of grief people want someone or something to blame. No one should ever feel that they are to blame for being a victim(who cares if it’s chosen spiritually beforehand or not). I am a Wiccan but that doesn’t mean that I would ever harm anyone or enjoy watching them to be harmed due to karma, that goes against everything we’re taught. You’re right. The girl in the video is coming to terms with what she has been through and she can blame the New Age Movement but that’s like blaming Christianity for the Holocaust. I feel for her and hope she finds peace. I can’t resent her remarks knowing that she is hurting.

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  3. I really feel that this young ladie’s parents missed a very important element and point of Universal Law. First, parents are tasked with teaching their children the tools they need for their next level in life. I can’t even imagine a 2nd go around with the abuse. I question if her parents were enabled with skills needed in that moment to help her. Silence is not an option. I hope this young woman has been taught new skills. I applaud her courage in rising up and finding her voice, as is her right and promotes her drive to heal.
    The prime Universal Law states: ” All beings are sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges, in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate or harm another. Furthermore, because all beings are sovereign, they have the right to defend themselves from harm, using whatever level of force necessary to stop the violation from occurring, even if it results in the destruction of the one inflicting the harm. ” As one who walks in the paranormal, this is the law I experience the most. Peace be the journey.


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