Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show | Hearts Heard Breaking Around the World

Nooooooooo! My world, as I know it, is crumbling. Jon is leaving us with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity still on the air…before Indecision 2016. Why God, whyyyyyy! (There are no emojis that adequately convey my heartache.)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Apparently, tonight Jon Stewart announced he’ll be leaving The Daily Show this year. Today’s taping hasn’t aired yet, so we’ll have to wait until it goes live tonight. I have to be honest, my heart broke a bit at the announcement. By “broke a little bit” I mean my heart was violently ripped from my chest, still beating as I gazed down upon it in shock, a la Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.

The Daily Show as been a staple in my house for years, but in 2012 it pretty much became my exclusive resource for news. Before my daughter was born, I was able to watch the news with same detached ambivalence as most Americans. I enjoy politics. I feel passionate about a lot of issues and I take some level of pride in being educated in current events. When my daughter was born something changed in me in this regard. I became a lot more sensitive to bad news and became aware of just how twisted and sensationalized the news media had become. My daughter was just 2 months old when the Sandy Hook tragedy took place; it rocked me hard. I’m not saying that the Sandy Hook coverage was sensationalized because, how can you dramatize something that is so horrifically tragic that it supersedes any theatrics the news media can manifest? That event, however, catalyzed an awareness in me of the negativity encouraged by the media.

The Daily Show became more than just an comedy show for me. It allowed me to stay connected and engaged without the feeling I was being manipulated by some institution pretending to be fair and unbiased while exploiting the less fortunate to support the agendas of the wealthy elite. (I have opinions) Don’t get me wrong, I understand The Daily Show is a comedy program designed to make a profit for Comedy Central but I can appreciate that they put it all out there. Much like Fox News, their political platform is hardly subtle, but unlike Fox, they aren’t portraying themselves as impartial under the guise of actual journalism.

With Jon gone, I don’t know how I’ll get my news delivered to me—to that sweet spot between entertainment and outrage. I suppose I’ll be spending a lot more time watching The Trews (Actor/Activist Russell Brand’s YouTube channel of political and media commentary). If you’re looking for a heavily liberal surrogate to The Daily Show, I recommend you start there.

If you’re a fan of social media, check out Twitter. It’s been blowin’ up since the announcement. Here’s one of my favorites. Nuff said. ∞


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