Full Moon | Evoking Mystery

Hare Curtains by EyesOnTheRoad

Hare Curtains by EyesOnTheRoad via. Creative Commons License v.2.0

This full moon I am welcoming in magic and mystery in its full glorious abundance.  The dark things we were taught to fear as kids feel far away now. It’s time to open my heart and eyes to the beautiful mysteries the universe keeps tucked behind the curtain; always there and accessible, but hidden until we are ready to whip open the drapes.

It does not feel like a time to take it slow and proceed with caution. There has been plenty of that already.  I’ve heard it all. “Be careful what you wish for.” “Don’t work with elementals, they can be difficult.” “Avoid crystals that are too intense.”  “Be sure you are on the 5th plane of existence before agreeing to speak with a guide.” “Fluoride toothpaste will close your psychic center.” I’m not kidding, I’ve heard it all.

When I was a kid, I had epic Tolkein-esque dreams. I spoke with my guardian angel. I experienced hauntings and lived with ghosts. I spoke to trees. In my 20’s my third-eye was more open. Little things: I knew when the phone was about to ring, I knew when something was night quite right; I could call my cat from the other room telepathically. (That was great for validation, but not especially useful as he also comes simply by calling his name.) These were small things, that filled a tiny fraction of my day, but they allowed me to understand that there is more to our existence than what stands right in front of our eyes.

The last 7 years or so have been more grounded in contrast; focused primarily on the physical, tangible world around me. I moved to California then and while much of my spiritual growth had occurred since moving here, it’s been mainly academic. The full moon is a great time for manifesting as it symbolizes abundance and attraction. I want to welcome that abundance, without fear or caution. I’m exhausted by caution. Today, I open the faucet letting beauty and love and light energy pour in. Universe, show me what’s behind the curtain.∞


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