IV of Wands and Angel Numbers (Manifesting Rewards)

IV of Wands

IV of Wands, ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

IV of Wands, ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

I pulled the 4 of wands last night (Yule/Winter Solstice and the New Moon) to kick off the week. You pretty much can’t do any better than that. The 4 of wands is about wonderful surprises, socializing and general merriment. It optimizes joy, laughter and good times; a perfect selection for the week of Christmas. It often comes as the announcement of good news; the fulfilment of some desire like a promotion or engagement. To me, it’s a no-strings-attached card…Joy for joy’s sake.

Moon-phase Horoscope

When I checked the moon-phase horoscope this morning, it indicated that we are in an intense time for manifestation. It cautioned that whatever we thought about in the first hour of the day (up for interpretation) could materialize and advised all of us to reflect carefully about our desires.

A few hours later some coworkers of mine were talking about angel numbers. (They’re such down-to-earth people, I love it when they get all woo woo.) Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that you consciously notice. For example, you may look at the clock every day at 3:23. You may see 323 in addresses, phone numbers, license plates, etc. An angel number is any number you notice has become a pattern in your life. By understanding numerology, you can learn what a specific number sequence means to you. They shared with me the number sequences they see all the time and asked me about mine. I see 555, 111, 1111 a lot and shared with them the meaning of the (1) sequences as a powerful number symbolizing manifestation. It didn’t occur to me how it tied into my moon-phase horoscope until I counter-referenced it with the Angel Numbers website, which also warned that people who see the number (1) in sequence should be careful to keep their thoughts positive and not allow their minds to be clouded in fear or negativity due to their ability to manifest their thoughts. That advice has come to be twice within a few hours in completely separate events. I can’t help but think it’s important. I should note; the conversation about Angel Numbers with my coworkers happened through 11:11 this morning. It was time-stamped on an email I received from a co-working asking for more info about Angel Numbers and the (1) sequencing. The synchronicity wasn’t lost on me.

Light-working and Prayer

If I were to tie it back to the 4 of Wands card I pulled last night, I would interpret it as: whatever good news I will be receiving will be of my own making—a manifestation of my desires. A couple of hours before I pulled the card last night, I spoke to my mom on the phone. I had some news to share about my good friend’s child who was seriously ill, but now slowly recovering. I didn’t know it at the time, but we nearly lost the child while I was out of town to be with a dying family member of my own. I told my mom I just wanted some good news.

If the stars are aligning so that we may manifest good news, I’d like to take advantage of that. I pray for this little girl, who is so strong and fighting for her life. She is improving but the doctor’s say she has a long road ahead. If I get to choose how my 4 of Wands presents itself, may it present itself in the form of good health and happiness for all our babies and especially for my friend’s daughter and their family who need a little extra support right now. I can’t think of a better Christmas surprise than that. If you are a light-worker or just the prayin’ type, please include them in your thoughts. It’s been a dark few weeks and frankly, we need a little light.∞


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