That Yucky Mall-at-Christmas-Time Energy

Merry AntiChristmas

Merry AntiChristmas by Tao Zero via Creative Commons v2.0

I lived in Washington, DC for a short stint where I met Kimberly Wilson, a yoga teacher and studio owner whose approach to the practice turned out to be completely in alignment with my own (before I even knew what my approach was). She was producing a yoga podcast at the time called Hip Tranquil Chick which eventually became a book.

During one of the recordings, she spoke about an experience walking into Target where the energy of the space and all the shoppers overwhelmed her causing her to cut her shopping trip short and leave. This may have been the first time I ever heard anyone describe themselves as affected by energy, though I can’t recall if used those words or not.

There is something about shopping at the holidays that brings about this kind of chaos energy. I felt it yesterday when I ventured to the mall to pick up the last couple of Christmas gifts on my list. We intended to be there for a couple of hours, but just 30 minutes in and I was all but begging my hubby to leave. The energy in the mall at Christmas time is buzzing and causes a heavy feeling; a tightness in my chest. It’s no wonder that so many people avoid the place. The thing is, it’s not just introverts or empaths that avoid the mall at Christmas time. It affects people with all kinds of aversions, especially those who reject excess or are not particularly inclined toward mass consumerism. (Think, every grumpy old guy you’ve ever met.) It affects me too.

I don’t consider myself empathic nor particularly introverted. Empaths and introverts (I don’t know why I’m lumping these two together, but it feels right for this subject) tend to feel the effects of all crowds whether they are at the mall, a party or a baseball game. I don’t always feel anxiety in public places, in fact, I rarely do. I feel it in hospitals and I feel it, apparently, at the mall during the holidays.

I think it has to do with a combination of the artificial lighting, the cacophony of noise, the smells they pump throughout the building, and the energy associated with excess. There is so much junk at the mall, it kind of grosses me out a little. Most of it seems wasteful…just a bunch of stuff for stuff’s sake.

When we left, my husband suggested we go to the park to get some fresh air. I didn’t ask, but I wonder if he was feeling the same thing. He avoids the mall all year long so I’m sure he was. If there was one good thing I got out of the experience, it was that I really want to focus this year on giving gifts that will be cherished; either experiences or items that will be valued not just something that fills a gap in my shopping list.

Tell me, what kind of places hold the most energy for you; either good or bad? Share in the comments.


4 responses to “That Yucky Mall-at-Christmas-Time Energy

  1. Actually, it’s funny you posted this….my husband and I ventured out the other night just to do a little grocery and birthday shopping ourselves….and we were overwhelmed by the mass exodus of (near) psychotic holiday shoppers. I am an empath, so crowds of any kind have a tendency to bother me if around them too long, but this was a totally different kind of animal. The irritation, the rush, the greed, the jumble of negative energies….it was too much for us. Less than a half hour in the store, my hubby and I were all but running for the exit, grateful to be away from the suffocation of energies.

    If we could just hide in our house till after Christmas, we would. But alas….our house will need more groceries soon. And we still have to finish up a little holiday shopping as well.

    Oh boy! 😉


    • Thanks for commenting Heather. As an empath, are you able to feel the benefits of group energy when it’s positive too (like at concerts, or in group meditations, or yoga) or are all groups a bit suffocating? For me certain group energies are great and others (like the mall) not so much. Thanks!

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      • Yes, I am able to feel positive vibrations in groups of people, and even bigger crowds, too. I am most strongly affected by my family and friends that are closest to me; I can never seem to disattach from their energies, unless I physically remove myself from that person. Sometimes even then it’s tricky.

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  2. The mall definitely presents the dame problem for me. Any time of year a crowded overly stuffed budget store, where everyone wants the same items, has the same effect. The energy is awful. My happiest energy comes when I am alone in the country.


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