I Do Believe in Fairies! (Is that weird?)

Tinkerbelle by Joel via Creative Commons v.2.0

Tinkerbelle by Joel via Creative Commons v.2.0

Tonight NBC is broadcasting a live performance of Peter Pan starring Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. NPR ran a story this morning suggesting that lots of the viewers will be hate-watching, many using social media to criticize the spectacle citing that viewers today aren’t interested in such a fanciful story that hinges on the belief that fairies are real.

This caused me to reflect on my spiritual journey. I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person but I’ve been really digging deep over the last few years and especially in the last 12 months. Several years ago I met a good friend whose spiritual beliefs really caused me to question my own. She spoke to me of past lives, Akashic records, ETs. When she introduced me to a new concept, my reaction was often that this “new thing” was simply taking it too far. But after some quiet contemplation time, many of the subjects we spoke about went from outlandish to plausible in my mind.

Twelve months ago I discovered the YouTube channel for Charis Melina Brown a healer and teacher of esoteric subjects. Once again my mind was blown. Many of the subjects she spoke about resonated with me such as light healing, soul ascension and energy manipulation. Years before, I bought a book on Reiki and I had to put it down but it was too crazy to be real. Now, the concept of healing with energy is completely benign and common practice. My how we change.

I remember the first time I heard Charis talk about Fairies. I was tossed right back into skepticism. As though THAT’S where I drew the line. I thought, here this lovely, intelligent, obviously enlightened woman was talking about fairies of all things. I ended the video early and moved on to topics I was more comfortable with, like reincarnation and shadow integration. Much like years earlier, after a little time alone I opened my mind up to the possibility of fairies. A month later I was ready to hear what she had to say about them. Maybe it was her delivery (Charis exudes so much positivity it inevitably rubs off) or maybe I was able to tap into my child-self; the version of me that clapped enthusiastically when Tinker bell began to fade and the only way to save her was to clap and proclaim “I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies!”

I don’t know if the Fae are little people with wings who live in the flower petals and cause mischief or if they are a state of mind; a type of energy.  I’m almost ashamed that I let myself harden; let suspicion color my thoughts. I have no problem declaring the existence of spirit energy, something I’ve seen with my own eyes, or the fact that ETs virtually have to exist based on statistics alone. Maybe I’ve never seen a fairy, but I know the energy. Fay energy is pure passion. It’s living life to its fullest. It’s in the extremes; in the pop of anger and the excitement of promised love. It has its mark in lust and passions of all sorts but it also carries innocence. It’s that child-like, unapologetic acceptance that there are mysteries in the universe that we will never comprehend; forces that can’t be explained with our current understanding of physics.

It’s been several months since I first scoffed at Charis’s mention of fairies. Since then I’ve built a fairy garden in my house using small glass orbs, crystals, Irish moss and miniature toadstools. I’ve been told attracting the Fay (or fay energy if you prefer) to your home isn’t recommended but I live dangerously. The way I figure it—go big or go home.

If there is one thing I learned from this it’s that the spiritual journey is just that. It doesn’t all happen at once. We have to feel it out, test the waters, and sit quietly before making loud proclamations.  Tonight, when Tinker Bell fades I will stand up proudly with my toddler. I will clap my hands and I will announce, “I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies!” ∞

Here’s one of several videos where Charis talks about Fairy Magic.

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2 responses to “I Do Believe in Fairies! (Is that weird?)

  1. OH I am exactly the same! There have been so many things I’ve scoffed at over the years and then slowly it seems, each one at a later date I get into. Haha! This has occurred so many times that now I take note of anything I scoff at or think ‘that’s a bit too much/far for me’ – somehow knowing it has triggered me to get my attention. Too funny!!! I know I trigger a lot of people with the way I talk – especially because I work a lot with angels (and fairies now too), but I can see that that is okay cause it is my path to help broaden people’s horizons, just like so many wonderful people have broadened mine (even though that was most likely through me switching off or feeling triggered in some way by them).

    I’m going to check out Charis Melina Brown now as I’ve never heard of her. Thanks so much for coming to my blog as that helped me find yours 🙂 With love, Sharon

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