Why I Gave Up On Heaven (And Embraced Reincarnation)

Stairway to Heaven © Chris Jones

Stairway to Heaven © Chris Jones via Creative Commons v.2.0

Trigger Warning: This post contains viewpoints on spirituality that may be considered controversial. Also, I mention various belief systems and religions (albeit, in a non-critical way.)

Looking to Nature for Guidance (Nature is God’s Email)

I believe that our physical 3D world is a microcosm of the spirit plane, (i.e. heaven if you are so inclined.) Many of the fundamental elements that define nature apply to the other side as well. For example, in nature, nothing is intrinsically good, or evil. There is the state of balance and the state of tension, but moral attributions like good and evil are created in the minds of man and are not reflected in nature.

If there were one golden rule of nature, one law above all others, it is that nature is cyclical. Cycles in nature are everywhere. There is the day/night cycle, the cycles of the seasons, the cycle of birth and death. This is intrinsic to nature. Through the slow repetition of nature’s cycles there is evolution, the process of changing and adapting. I believe that this process is reflected in our soul evolution as well. I think it’s important to mention that nature is of God, not separate from it and certainly not in conflict with God. We sometimes forget that in the evolution vs. creationism debate. Evolution is simply another one of God’s creations. Nature, with all its laws and cycles and ample lessons have been provided by God. (Goddess, Source, Universe…whatever you want to call it)

Eternity Lasts for a While

I was raised Catholic and found great comfort in my religion. As long as I can remember, however, I had difficulty with the notion that we had just this one lifetime to figure it all out. We were expected to choose the right religion and to live according to a specific set of rules. If we did so correctly we were rewarded with eternity in a magnificent place called heaven. As a kid, I saw the appeal of heaven but thought it odd that circumstances had to align perfectly for us to make it there. I worried for the souls of good people who did not share my faith, for the indigenous people all over the world who would never be exposed to it and thus missed any opportunity to gain entry into heaven, and for all those that came before the good book was written. (As a kid, I assumed the latter group got a free pass.) Mostly, I wondered how our actions over relatively few years could matter enough to warrant an eternity in heaven or hell. I wondered how old you had to be to before your actions landed you in the hottest of hot spots. Even though the Catholic faith had rites of passage, certainly God accounted for maturity level, I thought.


As an adult, I’ve come to trust my younger gut. I look to nature to relay messages from God. Nature is God’s email. Someone from my childhood taught me about reincarnation. I think it was my grandmother. Although she was a practicing Catholic her entire life, there were conversations that lead me to believe she wasn’t especially dogmatic. The way it was explained to me was that if you lived a good life and were a good person, you’re next life would be better; blessed. If not, you’re karma would be paid when you reincarnated again. If you were a really bad person, you’d come back as a cockroach or something that seemed awful to my child-self.

I don’t believe this is how reincarnation works exactly, but the essence is there. I believe, in our soul’s journey we experience many lives and many deaths; each life brings with it new challenges, new lessons, new opportunities for expansion. I believe that when we die, we go somewhere and experience a life review, not a judgment as we were taught as kids. Then, we choose our parents and next life-path that will lead us to experience entirely new challenges, or one that will repeat old challenges that we had difficulty navigating in our previous life.

As Above, So Below

Reincarnation, to me, is consistent with the cycle of nature. It honors our soul in all its complexity. Our consciousness seems too grand, too important to just fade away when we die. I suppose that’s why atheism doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, our life in this rendition is less than a blip on the radar of time. In the grand scheme of the universe, 80 little years (at best) are nothing; the actions of which certainly don’t warrant an eternity anywhere.  Through the cycle of reincarnation we are slowly evolving into something better, in a way that allows our consciousness to continue. It honors the vastness of time and the importance of our essence. It reflects the cycles of nature. As above, so below.

Discussions of religion and especially where you go when you die can be a real trigger for some folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree. In my view all paths are part of your soul-journey and are thus valid and true. Please keep the discussion courteous and contribute thoughtfully. Namaste.


5 responses to “Why I Gave Up On Heaven (And Embraced Reincarnation)

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  2. A couple of nitpicks:

    I have major problems with karma, as it can be used to blame people for a lot of terrible things. I bloged about it here if you’re interested: https://wordpress.com/post/78689488/114/

    As for reincarnation, I sure hope isn’t true, because the idea of having to come back here after I die is even worse than the idea of hell. The horror of having to live life all over again, and again, and again! Ugh!

    Anyway, while the above comments are a bit critical, I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your blog and thinking about your different perspectives. I especially liked your posts on dreams, as I am also a “big dreamer.” Love your gravatar with the crow in the bare tree…I almost chose something very similar!


    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Of course I can’t be sure, but I think that reincarnation is a choice we make as conscious souls. We’re back here, trudging through the muck not because we’re being punished, but rather because we want to have the “Earth experience”. Thanks for the compliment on my Gravatar too. I took that photo last year on vacation in Arizona.
      Come back any time. All perspectives are welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love that you welcome all perspectives and are so open-minded. What the world could be if everyone were to have such a wonderful attitude! 🙂

        Thank you for giving me your understanding of karma and reincarnation.

        Liked by 1 person

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