Epic Dreaming and the Astral Plane

In this video Palona of Ascension Pioneers talks about where dreams come from and their role in soul evolution. Not all of her video resonated with me, but one thing in particular that I found interesting was the idea that the astral plane acts as a training ground for our skills, personal growth and soul development.   She says that our most exciting, narrative-type dreams occur here. Whether or not this happens on the astral plane, I don’t know, but the idea that certain types of dreams exist to for us to explore various concepts and situations makes sense to me.

Epic Dreaming

I am an epic dreamer. If you are too then you’ll know what I’m talking about. While yes, I have mundane dreams about everyday things I also dream about intensely complicated scenarios with sophisticated plots, colorful characters and heroic battle scenes. The scenery is often captivating and full of so much detail, that upon waking I wonder how my subconscious mind can imagine such a rich spectacle. For someone who dreams like I do, it almost makes more sense that these dreams are not imagined but rather occur as out-of-body experience, in a visit to another dimension.

Many of these dreams are action packed and include flying, fighting, and acrobatics. They defy the laws of physics. The characters are often otherworldly; my dreams frequently feature ghosts, demons, and various mythological creatures. For epic dreamers like me, emotions are heightened—joy is exhilarating, love is passionate and fear is often the catalyst for waking with eyes wide and heart pounding.

Palona briefly mentioned repetitive dreams falling into the category of astral-plane dreaming. Although some people may have fairly mundane, repetitive dreams, when I have them they are often quite memorable. I agree with Palona that while their meaning may be difficult to decipher, they do seem to have a purpose based in soul evolution or some type of lesson to learn.

Repetitive Dreams

In my life I have had two types of repetitive dreams.

Living in A Dream © Alice Popkorn

Living in A Dream © Alice Popkorn via Creative Commons v.2.0

  1. Dreams with a repeating theme and outcome, but that have different details. From the 8th or 9th grade through college I had many repetitive dreams about planes crashing. In these dreams I was always on the ground looking up at the plane above. I knew before any signs of trouble that he plane was going to crash and despite my anxiety; I couldn’t stop the disaster from occurring. Upon impact, I always knew exactly how many people had perished in the crash. The details of the dream were always different. The location, size of the plane and number of dead varied in each dream. Over the course of a decade I had dozens of plane crash dreams. I never understood what these dreams meant.
  2. The second type of repetitive dream I’ve had is the progressive dream. This is when I return time and time again to a place that I’ve dreamt about before. The story changes, but in my dream I am aware that I am returning to this place and time. This is a sort of lucid dreaming. The most impactful progressive dream I had was one where I visited a haunted mansion full of secret corridors in the walls and turret in the top that was filled with spirits. The first time I visited I was terrified of the ghosts and kept getting lost as I tried to navigate my way through the vast chambers. Each subsequent time I visited in my dream I was less afraid and more familiar with my surroundings until eventually, the mansion felt as comfortable as home. I knew the spirits by name and could maneuver through the passages with my eyes closed. In one of the final dreams I had over the course of many years, I defended the property against invaders, holding them off and protecting the many spirits inside that had become my friends.

Palona made the point that the astral plane is a dimension where many soul-types gather, including those from the light and the dark. I agree with her. In a way, the astral plane is like our corporal Earth plane, except different physics apply. It is home to all kinds of creatures with all kinds of motives and agendas. It’s exciting and provocative place to spend your nights and it doesn’t surprise me that my consciousness chooses to visit there.

Where Palona and I disagree is in the importance of these astral-based, “training” dreams. According to her, the astral plane assists people during certain times in their soul development. She mentions that the Ascended Masters are not positioned here, but rather in the higher planes where they divulge important wisdom for our soul expansion. She begins to describe this as a graduated process where one advances to the next level implying that one who spends a lot of time in the astral plane has not yet reached the higher planes of existence or perhaps does, but is not gaining high wisdom unless accessing these higher planes.  I’ll be honest; I have no idea if this is true. My guess is that Palona spends a lot of time receiving messages from the Ascended Masters and perhaps less, in this incarnation, having epic dreams in the astral realm. Usually people who experience epic dreams get pretty jazzed up about them and find them to be pretty important, even if they don’t understand what they mean. If you watch her videos, however; you’ll know she is seriously tapped in. This girl gets soul expansion in a way few do. I just don’t think she understands the weight of these dreams because she hasn’t had a lot of them. To be honest, I don’t understand the weight of these dreams either, I just know, if they feel epic, they probably carry some weight in our soul journey.

Why Some People Dream Big

In my opinion, astral-plane dreaming is a skill we’re innately born with. We all have ways to access our sixth sense and our higher self. Some people are skilled mediums; others are clairvoyants, clairaudients or empaths. I believe dreaming (epic dreaming, lucid dreaming, or simply being able to recall your dreams) is just another skill we are born with and can cultivate, like artistic skill or athleticism. I don’t really believe it’s indicative of where we are on our soul journey so much as it is a mechanism , a tool in our belt to aid us on that journey. ∞

Dreams and Wishes - Nicole Pierce

Dreams and Wishes. 62/365 © Nicole Pierce via Creative Commons v.2.0

What do you think? Let us know and tell us what kind of dreamer you are. Do you remember the stories of your slumber or do you completely lack dream recall?


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