Grounding – Forget that Stuff About Roots

Roots by George Smyth

Roots © George Smyth via Creative Commons v.2.0

If you’re like me, you find yourself navigating through times when you are deeply grounded, immersed in the physical world around you, and times when you are absorbed inside your head, sometimes so deep that you hardly feel like you’re part of your body at all. These are the times spent contemplating the mysteries of the universe and exploring your spirituality. For many of the Woo-woo among us, this is where we like to live because it’s strange and exciting; in the upper chakras that control our mind and thoughts.  It’s easy to push off the lower chakras which correspond with emotion, manifestation, animalism, and our survival instincts; the part of us that is not just spirit, the part that is physical, governed by the constraints of the world around us.

Grounding can seem unimportant. It can be bitter and difficult. Grounding requires us to pay attention to discomfort—our aching bones, our grumbling bellies, our tired eyes. It’s also where the work gets done. It’s one thing to meditate on universal love, especially in a nice controlled environment with soft music and candle light. It’s a whole other thing to remember it when your kids are fighting; your spouse is getting on your nerves, or when your boss is being unreasonable.

Grounding isn’t just about imagining roots coming out of your feet or light coming up from the earth. That’s one piece of it but grounding also happens in the split second when you choose gratitude instead of grievance; when you let exhilaration wash over you, when you let fear in. Grounding happens in the middle of the night when you check for your newborn’s breath and realize you were holding your own until you saw that gentile rise and fall.  Grounding happens while you’re climbing that mountain or running that race, when it hurts—when you’re living in the space between the next step and quitting altogether. Grounding happens at the first kiss; when you’re torn from the what-if-maybes and tumble into the oh-yeah-definitelies.

Spending time in your head is important. It’s where you devise your plan for life; where you contemplate the person you are and who you want to be, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t put it into practice. Grounding is where life happens.


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