This 11/11: May Your Soul Awaken…and stuff.

11-11-11-11:11 Image: Yoshiki Kato

© Yoshiki Kato via Creative Commons 2.0

“Let’s go ahead and schedule for next Tuesday,” I said.

“Sure.” replied the receptionist. “That’s Tuesday, 11/11.”

“Oh, that’s lucky.” I added without thought.

“Is it? I’ve heard that but why is it lucky.”

“I have no idea. I’ve just heard that it is.” I replied. It was too early to delve into the subject of synchronicity, a phenomenon that I easily recognize but have never bothered to consider at length.

Like a lot of esotarics, (I don’t know what other term you’d use to group together New-Agers, Astrologers, Pagens, Numerologists, Psychics, etc.) I notice numbers. I notice 11:11 more than most number combinations, but I also see 23 and 33 quite a bit, and more recently, 1:11, 10:10 and 555. When I see them, I usually just think of them as lucky or as a sign of being on the right path or of being “open and aware.” Other than that, I give them little thought. I also assume that noticing certain numbers is partially the result of my brain’s natural inclination to recognize patterns.  This is almost certainly part of it, but in the last several months I have caught myself glancing at the clock at 11:11 nearly every day and often in both the day and the night. It’s especially surprising at night as I am usually asleep long before 11 pm, waking only momentarily to glance over and see 11:11 on the clock. I know I’m not the only one. Perhaps if you’re reading this, you are one of the many experiencing this phenomenon too.

I should mention, that I don’t believe the time of day/night is particularly significant as my alarm clock is set 10 minutes fast (that’s another story) yet I see the 11:11 displayed frequently there as well as on my cell which is accurate—just my 2 cents.

With tomorrow being November 11th, I thought I would take a few minutes to research the topic. Well I did and what I learned is that nobody has a clue what it means. Or more accurately, everybody has a clue what it means and few of them agree. Basically, this mysterious number combination symbolizes everything from the presence of spirits or angels, to a DNA awakening via binary code.

A Moment in Time

Some believe it is the moment that matters.  At the moment one notices the 11:11 sequence they are connected to the Universe and are receiving a spiritual upgrade. They have come into perfect balance and are ready to open up their consciousness to the lessons or messages around them.

A Physical Pattern

Others believe that the physical representation of the four 1s (1111) represent the DNA strands in the double helix. What happens when your DNA is awakened, I’m not sure, but perhaps it ties back into receiving spiritual upgrades. Perhaps these are two sides of the same coin. Another interesting fact that turned up in my research is that November 11th is known as Singles Day or “Bare Sticks Day” in China; a day celebrating single people. The connection to singles is, of course, the number one.  The “sticks” in the name apparently is a physical representation of the four ones (1111). According to Wiki, the breakfast of choice on Bare Sticks Day is four deep fried dough sticks. Yum.

An Inter-dimensional Doorway

The third theory that I found intriguing is that 11:11 is a gateway either to our spirit guides and angels or interdimensionally between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. The 3rd being the present physical world we are grounded in and the 5th being thought-forms or the place where we manifest our ideas…the plane of the spiritual mind.  This has got me thinking about the various planes or dimensions frequently discussed in esotarism. I think I will examine the dimensions more from a variety of sources to see if there is agreement on what they are and what lies within them.

So that said, I’d love to hear your thoughts on 11:11 and what it means to you in the comments below.

May your 11:11 be very lucky…and a little mysterious too. ∞


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