The Easy Way to Manifest What You Want

I’d like to get a few thoughts out about manifestation. I wanted to post this in time for the full moon, as this is when the universal energies peak in our monthly cycle creating the best conditions to bring into being that which we desire… or is it, that which we need? Either way.

I should start by saying that manifestation has come easy to me. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I think a thought and wah–lah, it comes true. When I began to grow antsy in my old job, the owner retired and my dream job immediately presented itself despite being at the peak of the economic recession. A year later, I when I wanted a specific client despite having no connection to them whatsoever, I announced my intention in a staff meeting and two weeks later they called us out of the blue to collaborate on a project. I could give you dozens of examples but frankly, I just started this blog like a week ago and I’d rather not turn off the 10 readers I have.

I never read The Secret, though I did see a few minutes of the movie (while it makes good points, I found the delivery a little creepy…like some kind of Ponzi scheme sales pitch). Regardless, I’ve heard others offer advice on manifestation that sounded a lot like: “meditate on what you want; really visualize it. Imagine you have it already. Don’t talk about it in the future tense. If you want money say, ‘I have all the money I want now.'” I have to be honest, this kind of makes me roll my eyes. I mean, I get what they’re trying to do here. It’s the Law of Attraction and the concept is that thoughts are energy and energy makes shit happen. Still, I can tell you that I have never done this and it hasn’t mattered a lick.

That said, here is my secret to manifestation:
Step 1. Say what you want out-loud, preferably to someone who can hear you, though this is not necessarily required.
Step 2. Forget all about it.

That’s it, you’re done. Move on and forget it. Then in a week, month, or 3 years when you get what you want you’ll think to yourself, damn I’m good. I totally wanted this thing and here it is. Then proceed to step three.

Step 3. Be grateful and awestruck. Dude, it’s amazing when you manifest something. Whether it’s a life free from financial stress, a new baby, a dream job, or clean pair of socks, it’s nothing short of miraculous that the whole thing works. Show gratitude, even if this simply means pausing to say a silent ‘thank you.’ I think the positive energy expelled through gratitude helps to manifest more goodness.

My point is, don’t beat yourself for not “meditating hard enough.” Think about what you want; put it out there. Dwelling on it doesn’t make it happen faster and may hinder the whole process entirely. I don’t bother with ritual much these days either. A lot of folks love to cast spells, light candles or write their intentions on a piece of paper and toss it to the wind. I’m all for giving it a try. I’ve done it many times myself but it doesn’t work any better, for me anyway. I think, in part, this is why I don’t bother with spell casting despite being festinated by it and kind of in love with the beauty of the ritual. For me, it just isn’t necessary.

I’ve started to get a reputation for being a master-manifester among my friends and work associates (when I become a pro-wrestler, this will be my stage name).  I’m considering applying it to the desires of others. I do believe that conscious manifestation is a form of magic so I don’t work it on others without their consent. Now that I’m getting some requests, I may give it a try. I don’t know what will happen when you have two (or more) individuals focusing on the same outcome. I imagine the result will be less predictable. I should also mention that when I’m consciously manifesting, I do so with the caveat that the outcome should be not only what is wanted, but what is needed. For example, if I want something that doesn’t support my soul-path, then I should manifest in a way that does and in a way that is positive, feels good and brings no harm to anyone. To be honest, I don’t believe that we can jinx ourself (for lack of a better term) so this last part isn’t really necessary to add. After all, the Universe will give you what you need for your journey, however, saying it brings eases me and I know others who manifest say similar words when thought-forming.

Are you a master-manifester? Share your approach in the comments. I’m always curious how others do this.


3 responses to “The Easy Way to Manifest What You Want

  1. Sometimes I’m a master-manifetser and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes it’s crazy how quickly things come when I have asked the angels and I know anything is possible and my reality is only limited by my thoughts about what is/isn’t possible. However it is when I ask and then I don’t let it go, when I want ‘it’ now or I move into rejecting ‘what is’ that I usually don’t receive what I’ve asked for. I did that this week and it was a great reminder of the second step to manifesting 🙂 Letting go.

    It’s amazing that I’m reading your post about this today, because just this morning I was discussing with someone what had occurred this week and we discussed the second important element to it.

    Great post! Sharon


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