Modern Halloween Wouldn’t Exist without Scorpio

Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, or the autumn harvest, you can’t deny that there is a special energy in the air. The weather is changing, the nights are getting longer and according to some, the veil between our 3D reality and other dimensions is at its thinnest allowing for crossover between the material and spirit realms.

Scorpio energy proliferates and while few of us bother to think about it, much less understand it, this serious water sign leaves its mark on our most beloved Halloween tradition, taking up an alter-ego through costume.

Exploring a fantasy through costume is appealing to many of us because, for a night, we can throw caution to the wind and explore a side of ourselves that is often suppressed (or oppressed) throughout the rest of the year. It’s no mistake that we allow ourselves this indulgence in late October. Scorpio, the ruling sun sign, symbolizes ulterior motives and hidden agendas. This sign is ruled by mystery and secrets influencing us to quietly plot and plan while keeping our motives hidden under our hat.

Our intuition is sharpened by Scorpio and we are not easily deceived during this time. Short on trust we become more wary of others and their intentions. Others’ insincerities become glaringly obvious, as do our own. This is why the personas we adopt on Halloween imitate our hidden selves…the people we are afraid to be. There are two identities we tend to adopt, most commonly they are, that which we wish we could be and that which we are afraid to become.

Power Persona

Halloween costumes that reflect power, intrigue and sexuality are the most popular. All of these traits define Scorpio’s ambitious nature and propensity for extremes; two traits that make for an exciting costume. It’s no wonder that witches, devils, and superhero costumes are among the most popular. The Power Persona is appealing because is allows us to explore our ambitions and desires which are often touted as egotistical or even sinful.

Scorpio is also the most sexually charged sign of the zodiac. Its unapologetic attitude toward sex is incredibly appealing in our patriarchal culture with its mistrust of feminine power. At Halloween, we can play-up our sexuality to the extreme with little criticism. In fact, traditional “scary” costumes for women have gone by the wayside in favor of sexy nurse, sexy vampire, sexy goddess, etc. Once you begin to understand the energy influencing us, you can better appreciate why these trends have come to be.

The Tabu

This leads me to mention the other type of popular Halloween character…the Shadow Self or The Tabu. This is when one explores their dark side, perhaps choosing to embody a trait that they would typically find undesirable. Villains, monsters and criminals are popular, though admittedly these often portray aspects of power as well. On Halloween, men and women alike can explore the tabu. In our society, men are dissuaded (if not condemned) for gender exploration but not on Halloween. It’s quite literally the only day of the year that men can cross-dress without facing backlash. It’s no wonder so many men choose to dress as women for the holiday. It’s too bad that it often manifests as the butt of a joke. I’d like to see more men take the Dr. Frank-N-Furter approach to cross-dressing…unabashed, a little eccentric and sexy as hell. Instead they are usually relinquished to clumsy and sloppy so others don’t think they’ve taken the endeavor too seriously and thus “risk being labeled”.

For Halloween to be the fanciful, illusionary holiday that it is, it had to land when Pluto and Mars offer their greatest influence. Any other time of year, Halloween would have become something else entirely. We can thank Scorpio for its propensity for passion and its curiosity of the unusual and mysterious.

Happy Halloween. 

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