Welcome to the Rainbow Tribe

The first time I watched this video was a few months ago and it gave me goosebumps. I was still getting used to Charis’s whimsical vlogging style and frankly, some of her concepts sounded crazy to me. You have to be pretty open minded to buy into a worldwide DNA activation of which the byproduct is glittery rainbow skin. Her positivity, confidence, and knack for communicating woo-woo concepts are infectious though and eventually you can’t help but realize that the universe is as exciting and complex a place as it can get, and just maybe, rainbow skin comes part and parcel with it.

Her explanation of the Rainbow Tribe, the Hopi prophecy foretelling the arrival of Earth’s stewards, completely resonated. When she says that a tribe of people will arise from all walks of life to save the Earth when it is most in need, I knew it was true. I’m pretty sure I have always known it. Hearing her story made the hair on my arms stand up, my eyes welled and tingly goosebumps ran down my arms.

As a small child I knew I was meant to defend the planet. I used to walk alone through my yard visiting the trees and talking with them. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I spoke directly with them. On any given day, you could find 7 year old me outside blabbing along with the trees as I climbed and swung from their branches. When a tree was cut down or a new road was built and other kids watched it with curiosity, I cried. Even now, seeing a tree cut down hurts my heart, especially when done without ceremony or respect.

The coolest thing about the Rainbow Tribe is that membership is not elite. Charis is right; if the story resonates with you, you’re in the Rainbow Tribe. There are millions of us. What a beautiful idea it is to think that something has been activated in us in a time of need. The Earth Mother, which we were born of, called to us and we are answering. 

Journal Note: According to Wiki, the prophacy isn’t Hopi at all and comes from the 1962 book titled Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown from Naturegraph Publishers. This would be interesting to look into.


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