Age of Aquarius

The song, Age of Aquarius, was written for the musical Hair and is pretty much the soundtrack to the New Age Movement. It’s been covered by Sons of Anarchy, spoofed by The 40 Year Old Virgin and of course, was popularized in a single by The 5th Dimension nearly 50 years ago. Yep, it defines the hippy love fest that was the 1960s but more than that, it prophesized a shift from the old way to a new paradigm of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

We refer to the New Age movement as a movement and not a religion because there are no rules or declarations, no dogma and no organized belief system. There is no central church and no rites of passage. People self-define as “new age” because it appeals to them but truly, there are as many variations in New Age belief as there are new-agers. That said, one of the most commonly held beliefs is that we are experiencing a major shift in consciousness that coincides with exiting the astrological age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius.

“When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars”
~Aquarius/Sun Shine In

Never before has the world felt so small. Through the internet, media and telecommunications we can almost immediately get in touch with anyone in the world, even in far reaching rural places. The result is a sense of connectedness. It’s no longer them and us. There is only us. People are choosing to live a more peaceful and inclusive existence. They are putting dogma, as a catalyst for fear and obedience aside in favor of altruism. More and more people are living consciously, choosing the path of love. Love for the Earth through mindful living, choosing to minimize waste and pollutants. Love for our animals by choosing to reduce or eliminate meat consumption or to support the humane treatment of livestock and pets. Love for each other by supporting civil rights around the world or simply through performing acts of kindness. Love for ourselves by making healthy choices a priority and cutting ourselves a little slack when we don’t. These are some of the traits that define this new paradigm.

There is some debate as to whether or not we have entered the Age of Aquarius but most would agree that we are on the cusp, transitioning from a world defined by the water-based Pisces energy to the air energy of Aquarius. Our last transition was roughly 2000 years ago when we transitioned from the Age of Aries to Pisces. Athen Chimenti from Mastering the Zodiac does an amazing job explaining how the ages are defined through astrology and the energies that define the Pieces and Aquarius ages.

The patriarchal, doctrine-based energies prevalent in the Pisces Age are losing significance in our modern society. This shift is natural and inevitable as the energetic atmosphere changes. The flare up in religious and political violence are partially the result of this paradigm shift. Some folks allow these affiliations to define them to an unhealthy level; to the point where they feel it is their right and purpose to bring violence (through words or actions) to others in the name of their cause. If they felt that institution was threatened, some may cling onto it tighter, until it ballooned into extremism or zealotry, becoming dangerous to those who don’t share their beliefs. Modern extremism is a last-ditched effort to cling to fading ideals.

This does not mean that people who follow organized religion, politics or live in traditionally patriarchal cultures are behind the times. It takes 26,000 years to complete one cycle through the 12 ages. The transition is slow and subtle; anyone alive today and for the next several generations will be transitioning through the cusp between the old and new age. We are all relevant and we’re all part of the process. Astrologer, Diana Garland describes the process as similar to a dimmer on a light rather than an on/off switch.

This is a simple description of the Age of Aquarius. In future posts, I’ll dig deeper into the awakening of new-agers and how this new paradigm is changing the world. ∞


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